Cameramen In The Way?

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.04.47 PM

After LeBron James hit his head on a television camera in Game 4 of the NBA Finals a lot of players have had something to say about the cameramen. Wide receiver Golden Tate throws his hat in the ring. “When it comes to a safety hazard, they don’t need to be on the field or the court and if they are, they ought to be, if something happens like that, they should be fined,” Tate said. “Us athletes get fined for just about everything so they should have repercussions for when they are at fault for injuring a player, especially in that magnitude of a game.”

Cameramen can get in the way sometimes as we see. They get hit a lot too. But if we say this about cameramen we can say this about everyone sitting on the sidelines of the field or the court. They all get in the way sometimes.


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