Man v.s. Dog

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The Atlanta Falcons have waived linebacker Prince Shembo after the player was charged Friday with killing his former girlfriend’s dog.

Denicia Williams called police on April 19 to report that her ex-boyfriend had killed her Yorkie named Dior.

The investigation was completed Thursday, police said. Shembo was charged with felony-aggravated cruelty to an animal. The dog died from blunt force trauma.

“We are aware of the charges that have been filed against Prince Shembo,” the team said in a statement Friday. “We are extremely disappointed that one of our players is involved in something like this. Accordingly, we have decided to waive Prince Shembo.”

Shembo surrendered at the Gwinnett County jail Friday night and was released later that night after posting bond.

Attorney Jerry Froelich told reporters that Shembo said he was putting the dog in its cage and he kicked it after it bit his hand.

“When you’re a small dog, it doesn’t take much with the size he is,” Froelich said, adding that the dog’s death was accidental.

The 6-foot-2, 254-pound Shembo allegedly told his girlfriend that he kicked the Yorkshire terrier. The woman later broke up with him.

A necropsy on the dog’s body shoes that the small dog suffered extensive injuries, including a fractured rib, abdominal hemorrhage, head trauma, eye injuries, and extensive bruising in the muscles of his front leg and shoulders.

I hope that Shembo doesn’t have to go to jail over accidentally killing a dog. It’s clear it was an accident. Who hasn’t kicked a dog before because the dog bit their hand? Seeing that the Falcons have felt with this before, with Michael Vick, I wonder how they will deal with Shembo. Is a dog’s life worth more than a man’s life? Or is it that a dog’s life is worth more than a black man’s life?


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