Drugs in the Huddle

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Drugs and marijuana usage has been a problem lately in the NFL. Over the last two years 13 different players have been arrested for possession of some type of drug, eight of those arrests have been in the last year. As of right now three players have been suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy for next season. Pittsburgh  Steeler’s running back Le’Veon Bell is one of the three that is being suspend. He is suspended for three games. Last season 20 players where suspend for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

As of lately the league has had a problem with this. Why do the players feel the need to smoke weed or use whatever drug they are using? Are they really addicted or is it for another reason? Some players have been quoted saying that they do drugs to decrease the pain that they have from playing the sport.

In my opinion football players endure the most contact out of all of sports. I’m not saying that I agree with players for violating policy but I do understand. Who wants to sit in pain all day? Rehab and ice baths don’t work all of the time. Everyone has their own way that they deal with their pain. Personally I would say that the players should go to the doctor and get proscribed  whatever pain medication that they need, but then people could argue that pain medication is highly addictive. Which is true, and I also understand that.

I do understand why some use drugs for the pain, but what I don’t understand is the players that get high just because they like being high. Why get high when you know that if you get caught it can end your career? That’s  stupid to me in my opinion. Why put your lively hood on the line? I just don’t understand. Put the weed down young man, life goes far beyond getting high.

Now I have given my point of view on the players but the NFL itself has a hand in the drug problem issue. I feel the league needs to do a better job preparing not just rookies but all players for the type of lifestyle that comes along with playing football. Also the league needs to improve or find a way that can help players with the pain and injuries that these men endure during their career. You can’t name one player that hasn’t been injured at least once during their time in the NFL unless they don’t play at all. Even if a player hasn’t had a serious injury they have had some scratches  and bruises, needing some extra tape and rubdowns before and after practices and games.

This is just my input, leave a comment and say what you have to say.


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  1. I agree fully, I just believe reality and sports doesn’t mix well for the future of professional athletes in sports. In the past athletes have been admired as role models and key figures to society. I believe the new generation, or “millennial’s,” have a sense of entitlement in there personal life and along with the controversy over marijuana legalization creates the gray area where both fans and representatives of professional sports leagues should honor the seperation of ones personal life and professional career. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but “normal” Americans have careers and smoke marijuana so what’s the difference when professional athletes do?


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