Will the Pats be 0 -4 to start?

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Tom Brady has been suspended four games, and the Patriots will forfeit a first-round pick in 2016 as along with a four-round pick in 2017. New England will also have to pay a $1 million fine. Brady will be appealing the four-game suspension. Jeffrey Kessler will assist in Brady’s suspension appeal. Pats owners Robert Kraft feels that the punishment was way to harsh. Stating “Today’s punishment… far exceeded any reasonable expectation. It was based completely on circumstantial rather than hard or conclusive evidence… Tom Brady has our unconditional support. Our belief in him has not wavered.” Brady can still participated in training camps and all preseason activities including preseason games. The reason that Brady has received the suspension per NFL, is for “conduct detrimental to the integrity if the NFL” also because he didn’t give up his cell phone for the investigation, even after being giving the safe guards.

Along with talk of the suspension there has been talk about the season start for the Pats and where will they be for the running of the AFC East. The Pats first four games are against Pittsburg, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Dallas. Brady’s opening game will be against the Colts if he cannot appeal the suspension. How ironic? That will be must see football. Because of the Pats inexperience at the back-up Quarterback position they will have a tough four games. Combined the Pat’s quarterbacks have taken 7,195 pass attempts. Brady is accounted for 99.6% of those passes.

Some say that the Pats will still be in the running for the AFC East while others say they will not be because of the suspension. Before the suspension even came about I never had the Pats winning the AFC East because of all of the steps that other teams in that division have taken to close the gap during the offseason. 

While fans do have a real love for their team. Pat fans have started a GoFundMe page to raise money towards the $1 million fine. Really Robert Kraft can pay the fine himself, he has a net worth of $4.3 billion, according to Forbes, so that $1 million is like lunch money to him. While Jet’s fan raised money for 12 electronic billboards that say “#TomShady”. The love of real fans.


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