Where will AP go?

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Adrian Peterson was quoted saying, “would be nice” to be a Cowboy, “but I’m under contract, so we’ll see.” AP makes a good fit anywhere. I think he will still be able to perform the same way even though he missed a season. In my opinion I think the Vikings should keep AP but give him a reason to stay. In the draft the Vikings need to pick up wide-receiver DeVante Parker from Louisville. With Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback the connection between him and Parker would be amazing. They were wonderful together at Louisville. Also Parker is so tall and the man can jump so he can jump over almost if not all the corners and safeties in the league. With AP in the back field and Parker going deep the Viking s would be a real threat. So I say keep AP and get Parker. They would most definitely be in the running to win the championship. What do you think?


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  1. The Vikings won’t give up AP simply because he’s under contract they could careless if he wants to stay or not. Since this is his last year under contract he has to have a good season so other teams would want him


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