Tim Tebow and the Eagles

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.03.34 AMReally Chip? In my own personal opinion Tim Tebow isn’t an NFL quarterback. Yes, he was great in college but that’s it. Every college quarterback isn’t fit to be an NFL quarterback. He should be a tight-end. I have been saying this since he was drafted. He would make a great tight-end, potentially a Hall of Fame tight-end. The Eagles say they have seen great improvement in Tebow. I will be the judge of that during the preseason. If he makes it that far, but from what I have seen Tim will be Tim and Tim needs to sit on the bench or change positions. This is just my opinion. Give yours.



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  1. I agree 100% he would be a great right end perfect size for it.


  2. Tim Tebow in Chip Kelly’s offense is a decent acquisition. With Chip Kelly’s spread offense I see Tim Tebow being used as a deep throw threat, similar to wildcat offenses, opposed to the typical NFL quarterback. Tim Tebow has proven in college and in the NFL with the Broncos that at the bare minimum he can extend plays and make quality deep ball passes. I see the acquisition of Tim Tebow as a quality move by Chip Kelly and adds a quarterback to the Eagles roster that can fulfill the needs of Chip Kelly’s fast pased offense.


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